1 Corinthians 11: 28-30

ITHACA, NY - December 2016 - Senior Pastor Kirianne Weaver, 36,  has been surrounded by religion throughout her entire life. Religion provides her with community, intellect and purpose. As the Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, she said she now uses religion as her solace.

In July of 2016, Kirianne divorced her abusive husband. She and her two children, Shiloh, 4, and Liam, 6, were forced to move into the church basement for several months until they could find new housing. “A lot of the times you don’t know somebody until they’ve completely welcomed you into their world,” Weaver said. “Human beings are very good at hiding things about ourselves."

The pastor continues to cope with the aftermath of her marriage daily. She said she finds light in searching for meaning in the bible.